Saturday, April 09, 2016

Trump reveals Antiabortion hypocrisy

No political party is supported here, read my carefully chosen words and this dispassionately presented reasoning and instruction.  I wrote this while being as mindful as possible over such a contentious issue. My personal views are religious and none of your business.  My public views are are pro-constitution.  The Supreme Court has ruled on Roe v. Wade.  Please consider my arguments on why the only constitutionally valid option is a constitutional amendment.  I know that in the end God will sort them out.

 Donald Trump has revealed the hypocrisy and the anti-constitutional weaknesses of the anti-abortion movement. I do not personally support abortion. But I do not judge others and since I am anti authoritarian I do not like government imposing one groups beliefs on everyone.  I support all people who believe abortion is wrong for them and do not want their tax dollars to support it.

But that is not where the movement stops. It wishes to force their beliefs on others through the power of government by passing laws that limit the choices for those who do not believe as they do. Anyone who feels this way in my opinion does not support separation of church and state and want government to enforce their beliefs. This is not constitutional of course and with the hypocrite Scalia gone (originalist who did not support the parts of the constitution inspired/written by Jefferson/Madison) the anti-constitutional stance will fail in my opinion.

Here is the essence of the hypocrisy and the reason believers have choose unconstitutional means. If the doctor is guilty of murder, the woman is guilty of conspiring to commit first degree murder, capital murder, and an accessory before and after the fact.  If the father or anyone else approves they are an accessory before the fact and if one pays the doctor for the mother, they are a co-conspirator and if they provide any assistance to the mother after the abortion they are an accessory after the fact. She asks for it and arranges payment for it.

It is obvious to me anti-abortion by government interference supporters realize if you convict the mother for exercising choice your entire political movement in support of your religious beliefs being unconstitutionally pushed on others will collapse after the first mother is imprisoned. The movement has murdered doctors and nurses when a social conservative speaking hypocritical politician has failed to overturn Roe v Wade. When will these folks realize the anti-abortion political movement is a wedge issue to fool you into supporting their hypocritical posture so they can elect fiscal and tax and ownership and authoritarian conservatives and send your jobs overseas and enrich themselves. When will social conservatives realize that they have been lied to by hypocrites. I suggest one thing you should do. Ask your antiabortion political group to reveal to you who is funding them. I do not know the answer, but here is what I expect to see. The fiscal conservatives professing social conservativism and with high net worth will be large backers. The movement needs to stop lying to  itself. Thomas Jefferson, one of the top ten founding fathers, gave us freedom from religion and mollified the impact at the US level over the Virginia version by calling freedom of religion.  Right wingers have distorted the original intent.  It is not freedom to be religious in government.

Here are a summary of Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on religion and from whence they came.

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