Friday, April 03, 2009

Vuze, uPnP, Media Companies, and Freedom

I am wondering when media companies will be convinced that people will not pay for lousy service and crappy content. Freedom is the only way forward and people WILL PAY FOR CONVENIENCE AND NOT CONTENT. If the artists tailor their approach to this, they benefit and when the drip turns into the flood THEY WIN. As much as I support the right of artists to be compensated fairly for their work, the entire system built to support them, screws every person who does not sit in the middle, artist and consumer, people who should be peers and are not. Who has not felt raped by Ticketmaster, or Sony (embedding theft protection malware in the audio CD) or the horrors of DRM.

Some artists get this, but I fear most are too lazy or too stupid to understand that with action (concerted to be sure) on their part, we have reached the golden age.