Friday, February 25, 2011

PowerSDR 2.0 Release Candidate

I have been working on some issues for PSDR 2.0. I installed PSDR 2.0 RC1 at Joel Harrison's QTH (W5ZN) and we then proceeded to play on the air on 160 meters and 80 meters. Joel and I designed a receive antenna system derived from the W8JI 8 circle.

160 meter page at

I worked new countries on both bands. The noise reduction was extremely helpful even in narrow bandwidths. It is good that Eric, Neal, Steve and others at Flex debugged the control problems with the algorithm. The algorithm was, and is fine. But when you tell it to do dumb things, it gets pretty dumb. All's well that ends well. It works fine now.

Wide Band Image rejection (adaptive over signals in the IF) works as well and is on the road to major improvement as well. Again, we were shooting ourselves in the foot with external code that was doing damage to the operation of the correctly functioning algorithm.

W5ZN is ecstatic with both PSDR 2.0 and the Flex 5000 which he used to set (blow away) the W5 single band record on 80 meters in the ARRL CW DX competition.

More later....

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