Saturday, March 12, 2016

NOAA Weather Radio gnuradio receiver for RTL-SDR

NOAA Weather Radio is available in almost all areas of the country and a description of this service is available in the link below. It is seven channels of NBFM centered on 162.475 MHz. Your local channel may be found here The GRC representation of a flow graph using RTL_SDR that will display all seven channels is seen below. This flowgraph will also display the entire band in the eighth plot. The sliders control squelch, RTL-SDR clock offset, a superfluous center of band control, and channel assignment. This flow graph will be avail shortly on my github repository. I am going to add a blog entry which will detail work underway, planned for future releases, and as always, it will always be GPL and your help will be welcomed. 73s Bob N4HY

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  1. Very cool! You should add a SAME decoder! :-)