Monday, January 26, 2009

At work and play

At work and at play, I am building the infrastructure for filtering and polyphase filter banks in pretty great generality. I have offered to uwSDR that I will be working on devices to do SDR narrow band computation which will enable portable and/or low power computing devices for their use.

My Intel Atom 330 is showing itself nicely. It is also pointing out ugly hot spots in the DttSP core that require the use of resampling to greatly reduce the computational complexity. I HATE to keep giving Microsoft any credit but ... Netflix built a player around Silverlight. It is clear Silverlight is a competitor to flash in some sense. It really is smooth and a great replacement for the Windows multimedia CRAP they had before.

My design of the W8JI eight circle receive antenna for 160m at the home station of Joel Harrison's W5ZN is working out amazingly well. Joel is a real believer now and my design work and construction work appear to be right on the money. Joel has been a fantastic partner in this. He has been continuously comparing his new receive array against his long beverages and finds there is no comparison. He can now hear what he could not detect before. WHEW! One does not want to make the president of the ARRL unhappy!

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