Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blackberry Storm

For Christmas I purchased a BlackBerry Storm for my daughter. She updated her phone to version blah.blah.blah.75 and since then there has been nothing but bloody problems. The phone shuts itself off and a battery removal has to be done to recover. This is a damn $500 phone. How in the hell can Blackberry release firmware with this kind of effing mess up in it?

We know this because there are reports of it on Crackberry. We went to Verizon to replace the phone today and they gave us a new one in the box, having blah.blah.blah.75 in it and it has done it TWICE since we got it home.

I am TOTALLY pissed at BlackBerry and Verizon over this stupidity


  1. Curious, why a Storm as a present, rather than an iPhone? AT&T-related annoyances? The current iPhone firmware is hard to fault. (A good thing too, since you couldn't remove the battery without major surgery.)

  2. The iPhones are outselling pretty much everything it seems to me. I enjoy mine I know. I think that probably all of the companies are in a panic to release as many new widgets as fast as they can to try and keep some customers. Otherwise, it will be AT&T who wins everything. The iPhone and Apple are a force!