Friday, February 06, 2009


Neil Gaman's Coraline opens in theaters today in 3D if your theater does it. I paid for 50 3D glasses with "lovely" designs all over them for a viewing party for family, friends (strangers, drunks, .....). Thank goodness they only cost $20 (plus shipping and handling of course).

It is a beautifully written book with enough illustrations to allow you to get an idea of Gaman's imagination when he sees his story. I recommend the movie release version of the book because it contains an interview with Gaman, Henry Selick (director) who did Nightmare before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach. This version also contains excerpts from the movie screenplay, illustrating some differences from the book (such as a new character). I love stop action animation done with class. Selick is clearly capable.


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