Saturday, February 21, 2009

The King (Honda S2000) is Dead. Long Live the King

Honda has decided to stop producing the S2000.

You may see here this is before I put dustless pads on it (dust from standard brake pads is seen to discolor the beautiful rims).

The S2000 story is a bit of fairy tail apocrypha. The anecdotes go that the engineers wanted to take the V-Tec engine and make a hand built serious sports car for the Honda enthusiasts. They were allowed to and in 1999 they sold a few. There grew a ground swell of demand for the award winning, high performance, fantastic driving, hand assembled car that sold for UNDER $40000.

My favorite single day in it was driving to see my mother in Alabama. I was coming from Orlando and this was a "pit stop", only slightly out of the way, on my way back to NJ.

I hit an infamous many mile stretch of back road that is about as straight as they come. I hit 150 mph and I was still accelerating and not at red line. It felt like I was doing 70 on the interstate.

I love this car as I never believed I could love a car. The story goes that Honda lost money on every one they ever built. So it makes sense that it is a 10 year vanity statement for Honda that needs to go, especially in these times.

110000 were made and sold, last month they sold 1000-ish world wide. Of the total, over half were to the USA (surprise!). Mine will rot into the ground before I give it up since that is how I have used every automobile I've ever purchased. Those would be the ones that I gave my kids when they wanted a new BMW convertible!

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