Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Travel and Weather

I can get just a bit harried and I did not check my tickets carefully this morning. I had specifically asked for train tickets to and from Princeton Jct. on Amtrak. I watched as the train pulled away from Pct. Jct. 15 minutes before I was supposed to board ...... in Trenton.

I will check more carefully from now on.

The skies are opened and white stuff is falling but the temperature is above freezing and nothing adding to the road.

Why is having this lousy weather renewing my interest in a touring motorcycle? Weird.

I am working remotely on the dual cell broad band engine server at LTS. I am also continuing to hack on DSP code for all sorts of things. When I run out of mental fuel for one, I jump to the other. It has always worked and appears to continue to. Go figure!

Some views from today's "near miss" Nor'easter:

Anyone for a swim?

If it weren't so much trouble and mess, you could like this beauty.

My BigIR vertical and part of my NVIS array under the weight of the snow

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